At least 75% of U.S. adults say global warming has been happening, but research found that 84% or more took that view in states recently hit by drought like Texas.   Stanford University did a recent survey found that the belief in man-made global warming stretches political lines and has more to do with where you live that who you vote for.  However out of republicans, democrats an tea party members, the tea party had the lowest percentage of people who believed in it at only 25%. 

State Climatologist John Nielson-Gammon says that since droughts are caused by dry weather and most people equate that dry weather with heat, they sometimes make the connection that droughts are caused by global warming.  As a side note he also mentioned that East Texas is only one of two parts of the world that has not seen a warming trend in the past 90 years. 

The study also found that less popular were government policies to encourage the building of electric vehicles and nuclear power plants. Most unpopular were higher consumption taxes on electricity and gasoline. Higher gas taxes won support from as few as 15% of adults in Idaho, South Carolina and Utah and as many as 42% in Colorado.  It should also be mentioned that a Pew Research Center recent survey found only 44% of Americans believe that global warming is man-made.