We’ve all had the bad waiter. We’ve all waited on line as the slow cashier struggles with customers. We’ve all felt like Howard Beale from the movie, ‘Network.’

We’re mad as hell and we’re not taking it anymore.

According to a recent Arizona State report, the number of households experiencing 'customer rage' is up from 60% in 2011 to 68% now. And we let off steam by screaming at some customer service rep we don't know and in some cases never even see. Customer service expert Colleen Rickenbacher told KTRH says it comes out more at this time of the year.

“People aren’t happy with everything that’s going on with customer service, especially around the holidays,” she said.

Rickenbacher thinks part of it is that we're rushed for time.

“If we’re held up because the service isn’t fast, we retaliate and it escalates,” Rickenbacher told KTRH.

In the report, 36% of you said you yelled at a customer service representative. And 13% of you said you cursed at one. Rickenbacher says that's not helping your cause.

“It might get you a free lunch or bigger discount but in the big picture it’s not worth it,” Rickenbacher stated.

Some stores have hired more help to deal with the issue, but Rickenbacher doesn’t think the solution has gone far enough.

“You can put the employees there, but if they don’t know the store or the product people get angry,” Rickenbacher said.

So her advice to you, especially with Christmas coming next week, is simply to take a deep breath.