Texas gubernatorial candidates Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis spent a combined $12 million leading up to this month's primary – feeding the belief that the candidate with the most money wins the most votes.

That's not necessarily the case according to Rice University's Bob Stein who says sometimes its more about how you spend the cash, and who gave it to you.

“The outcome of the election is not how many votes you get, its whether you win or lose, its the office you won,” Stein tells KTRH News. 

“So if you could win with 100 votes or you can win with one vote, you still win,” he says.  “And the investment is not toward the number of votes, but winning and becoming an incumbent in the next race.”

He points to the race for Harris County Republican Party chairman.

“Mr. Simpson, who has run for this office before, had an infusion of about $100,000 which in a local race is a lot, from Judge Ed Emmett and he spent it very wisely,” says Stein.

But that wasn't the case in number of races across Texas.

“Barry Smitherman for Ag Commissioner is a good example of someone who spent a lot of money and didn't get very far,” he says.  “Other candidates spent very little and did very well, particularly some of the candidates running in some of the state senate districts.”

Either way, expect the spending ramp up during the runoff races -- especially in the race for Lt. Governor.