Major League Baseball needs to make no changes, says Commissioner Bud Selig.  He’s in Houston for the sports diversity summit at the George R. Brown Convention Center. 

Selig says there no need for expansion right now.  “We’re done for quite a while,” he says, “at least as long as I’m around. Thirty teams is good.”

Selig says baseball is “in its Golden Age.”

During a question-and-answer session, he was asked about baseball being added to the Summer Olympics.  Not much chance.

“The Olympics, unfortunately, are in our season,” he explains.  “We can’t say to the clubs, well, we’ll be gone for three weeks.  It’s just not practical.”

Selig then attended Wednesday night’s game at Minute Maid between the Astros and the Milwaukee Brewers, the team Selig used to own before he became commissioner.