Wasn’t “women’s lib” supposed to change things?  A recent look at figures from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics finds that among people with full-time jobs men still work longer hours than women.

Not by much.

Men work 8.46 hours a day, on average.  For women it’s 7.87 hours.  So roughly half an hour.

Women do work longer hours than men when it comes to low-wage part time jobs.

“Women on the other hand women spend more time doing what we call ‘household activities,’ such as house-cleaning and food preparation,” Rachel Krantz-Kent, an economist for the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, told KTRH.

Sounds like the 60’s, doesn’t it?

“Statistically, women spend more time grooming than men, and they spend more time on child care,” said Ms. Krantz-Kent, rifling through her pages of numbers.

And is there something else that men do more of than women besides work?

Watching television,” says the woman with the numbers.