A lot of men say they want a beard, but they say their hair grows unevenly.  It doesn't look good.  More often they are going to a plastic surgeon for a hair transplant.  Houston surgeon Dr. Rashid Rashid says the procedure is a bigger deal on the east coast, but he does get calls.

“It's a very simple procedure,” he says.  “They move the hairs from different parts of the body, to the facial region where the patient wants it.”


The hair transplant procedure is the same as transplants to the top of a bald head and it isn't invasive.  The cost averages about eight thousand dollars.


Patients do ask about the procedure.


“Not as much as in other cities,” he says, “but yes, we the calls once a week from someone looking for something in the facial hair transplant area.  Last week that wasn't even an issue.”