Lines at the lottery counter will be longer Tuesday as millions of Americans play for a Mega Millions jackpot that will challenge last year's record $656 million payout.

If you're the lucky one, KTRH “Money Man” Pat Shinn has some advice.

“You'll probably want to disconnect your phone,” he says.  “Because you're going to be getting every sob story from anyone who ever knew you or claims to have known you.”

“Before you actually show up to pick up the big check, consult an attorney and establish some sort of a trust,” says Shinn.  “That way the trust is the winner of the ticket, not you personally.”

A trust will help both shield your identity and keep your winnings safe from frivolous lawsuits later one.

As for investments, Shinn says maybe a fast-food chain, but don't go overboard.

“Even if you put it into something that was super safe, paid very little interest, but carried no risk at all to it, that's fine, you don't need it to earn a lot,” he says.

With that much money, Shinn says you could live off the interest each year without investing a dime.

If nobody wins Tuesday night, that jackpot could reach $1 billion by Christmas.