A child in Houston has the measles, according the city health department.  The case was confirmed on Wednesday. 

“It was a child under the age of two,” Houston Health Department Chief of Public Affairs Kathy Barton, “Had been sick for about a week, and was confirmed [Wednesday] of having measles.  It was an unimmunized child.”

The state is in the midst of a measles outbreak, all but one case being in the northern part of the state.  But now it’s in Houston, too.

Public health officials in Tarrant County confirmed four more cases on Wednesday, bringing the total to 15, 11 of whom had not been immunized.  Denton County has confirmed five cases.

There was a confirmed case in Harris County in April.

And why this has parents concerned and public health officials on alert is because in 2012, there weren’t any cases in the state of Texas.  In 2011, there were a total of six cases.

The outbreak in Tarrant County has been traced to one man who recently returned from a trip overseas.

If one person has the measles, 90% of the people they come in contact with will become infected with the measles virus.  Adults who have not received a measles vaccination have a 100% of becoming infected.

“Our recommendation is that everyone needs to be in compliance with the child immunization schedule,” Barton says.  “It is particularly that pre-school and school aged children have two doses of M-M-R vaccine because children under one are not routinely immunized for measles.  We protect those infants by making sure that everyone around them is immunized.”