Houston mayoral candidate Ben Hall says Mayor Anise Parker has been too soft on crime.

Hall released his five-point plan to fight crime in the city, should he become the next mayor.  The plan includes using more surveillance cameras, stabilizing the police and first responders pensions, and having non-violent offenders pay-off their sentences by doing community service.

Halls says Parker hasn't done enough, "(Parker)... believes that this is a delagated task to only the police chief.  I believe that the mayor must speak out often and boldy, on the issue of crime reduction in this city."

Sue Davis with Mayor Anise Parker's campaign says many of the points in Hall's plan are already being done by Mayor Parker, "I don't know any mayor who has been more vocal on crime than Mayor Parker.  She's put more police officers on the street, she's bull-dozed 2,500 dangerous abandoned buildings that were magnets for crime, she's improves technology in the police department..."

Houston's mayoral race is winding down now.  The election is now eight weeks away.