Famed Houston furniture salesman Mattress Mack has been given a Daily Point of Light Award.

Jim McIngvale is known throughout Houston for his wacky Gallery Furniture television commercials, but that is not why he was given the award.  McIngvale has given over 10,000 free speeches over the past 30 years around Houston.  Mattress Mack has spoke to school kids about the dangers of drugs, given motivational speeches, and delivered life talks, all in the hopes of helping the community.

Bush family spokesman Jim McGrath says McIngvale's award is special, "He is a remarkable, selfless individual, that really optimizes what the Points of Light Award is all about.  And, that's why President Bush really went to the extraordinary length of nominating him for the award himself.  It's the first time the President has ever done that."

The Daily Point of Light Award was created during H.W. Bush's term as a way to recognize individual Americans and organizations for their selfless community service.