Border patrol agents are further orienting KTRH’s Matt Patrick with the happenings on the Texas border this week. He arrived Tuesday in south Texas for his broadcasts LIVE from the border, airing Wednesday through Friday this week on News Radio 740 KTRH.

Wednesday morning border patrol agents showed him around the town where illegal immigrants are being assisted and housed, at least for now.

At Sacred Heart Catholic Church, located on 15th Street in downtown McAllen, Matt took a photo from behind a fence where tents are on church property. Sister Norma is with the church and tells Matt that illegal immigrants are being housed temporarily.  He says cops are everywhere watching everything.

Illegals arriving in the area are first processed through ICE, given “permisos” (Spanish for permits) and a bus ticket. Then they’re taken to Sacred Heart to clean up and take a nap. After that, it’s “destination unknown” for most.

“After their short stay outside the church, they board busses,” Matt says.

Where do they go?

“That’s the $54 million dollar question,” Matt adds.

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