Would you believe marriage is actually healthy for your heart?


A recent study of 3.5 million adults showed those who were married had less heart disease and healthier blood vessels than people who were single, divorced or widowed.


UT Health cardiologist John Higgins says marriage allows you to tackle stress like money or children together, thus lowering stress on the heart.


“It helps blood pressure and reduces things like cholesterol level,” Dr. Higgins tells KTRH News.


Dr. Haroonur Rashid at the Kelsey-Seybold Clinic says marriage has other heart-healthy benefits as well.


“The spouse is more likely to remind you to see the doctor, take your medicine, take you to social events and make you exercise, just like my wife does,” Rashid says.


Higgins agrees, adding married couples tend to keep each other away from unhealthy habits.


“For example, eating out, junk food, smoking, going to the clubs, that sort of thing,” he says.


The greatest health benefits were seen in those 50 and younger, where being married lowered the risk of vascular disease by 12 percent. In those over 60, the risk was reduced by 4 percent.



“Since both people are involved in problem solving, that can help resolve the issues much better than a single person,” says Rashid.


Extreme stress, on the other hand, such as the loss of a spouse, has been linked to broken heart syndrome, a condition in which people can die from a broken heart.