A New York man is under arrest for threatening to kill former President George W. Bush.

Police found a loaded rifle, a machete and a container of gasoline in the car that Benjamin Smith, 44, was sitting in at the time of his arrest, made by the U.S. Secret Service, in Manhattan Friday.

Smith reportedly told police he had a romantic interest in the former president's oldest daughter and screamed "Bush will get his" while being taken into custody. Thursday, the man's mother had notified police that she had found a note written by her son threatening Bush and professing his love for Barbara Bush. His mother also said his rifle was missing.

U.S. Attorney Andrea Griswold told U.S. Magistrate Judge Henry Pitman, the government believes Smith referred to the daughter, not Bush's mother.

The Secret Service tracked him using his cell phone to Manhattan Friday morning, which led to his arrest. Investigators are still working in details about why Smith was in New York City as well as where the former president and his family were a the time.

The defense attorney for Smith, Peggy Cross-Goldenberg said the note in question did not constitute a "true threat." The judge adds it was "unclear" a jury would find Smith guilty.