A Houston man was arrested after leaving his children in a car Thursday outside of Avery Apartments on West Gulf Bank in northwest Houtson. 

Victor Ruiz parked his car in a no parking zone outside of his apartment to take groceries inside while leaving his two daughters in his car.  Neighbors said as soon as Ruiz went inside, a tow truck driver quickly hooked up the family's vehicle and drove off.  

The tow truck driver stopped two miles away from the apartment complex on Wheatley when he realized the girls were inside the car.  Police charged Ruiz with two counts of abandoning a child because the kids were left without adult supervision. 

Neighbor Sade Jones and told KTRH’s television partner Local 2 she witnessed the incident and asked, "How did he abandon a child if a whole bunch of people (were) around watching his car?" 

Ruiz’s bond has been set at $4,000.