The man accused in DWI death of a Harris County Sheriff's deputy is being held without bond.

The crash that killed Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Dwayne Polk was the second DWI incident for Andres Munos-Munos.  In June, of last year Munos-Munos was arrested for DWI and unlawful possession of a weapon, he was deported in July.

Currently Munos-Munos is being held without bond following a court appearance Sunday night.  He is charged with intoxication manslaughter, a second-degree felony that could carry a 20 to 30 year sentence.

KTRH's legal expert Chris Tritico says he doesn't think in this case, that increasing the penalties for intoxication manslaughter would be a deterrant, "you can't charge him with murder because of the intent aspect of the case."

Andres Munos-Munos ran a red light early Saturday morning and slammed into Sergeant Dwayne Polk who was on his way home from an off-duty job.  Polk was a 16-year veteran of the Harris County Sheriff's Department.