It doesn’t matter how much money you make, you want to get the most out of every dime.

Emily Co is editor of Popsugar’s Smart Living and is brilliant at coming up with reminders of ways to make your money accountable.

One point Emily makes is checking your receipt for mistakes, whether it be in a restaurant or a grocery store or anywhere.  Someone else’s mistake could come out of your wallet.

Another is preserving your groceries.  “Putting your bread in your fridge or your freezer to make it last longer,” Emily suggests.  “Or putting the perishable items in the front of your fridge so you remember to use them first.”

Here complete list can be found here.

Brian Hoyt from Retail-Me-Not reminds that comparison shopping is a well-known money saver that often slips the mind, and points out that there are a number of websites that make it an easy task. is a great example of a site that searches multiple sites.  You can also go to  Or if you’re in-store you can use apps like that enable you to do price comparison shopping as well,” Hoyt shares with KTRH listeners.