A nearly 800-year-old British document said to have been the basis of our U.S. Constitution is now on display here in Houston.

One of four original editions of the Magna Carta and the original King John's writ -- dating back to the early 1200's -- has landed in the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Museum president Joel Bartsch says the Magna Carta is possibly the most important government document in world history.

“There are five or six clauses in the Magna Carta that are not verbatim, but certainly the ideas are exactly the same as those that are in our Bill of Rights,” he tells KTRH News.

“It includes things such as private property rights, jury of your peers and right to a speedy trial and all those things we hold dear here in the United States all had their start in the Magna Carta almost 800 years ago,” says Bartsch.

And the document is not alone.

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“The King's writ, that's the only known document of that, its basically a 'save the date' when King John sent it out throughout the country letting people know this 'great charter' was soon going to be following it,” he says.

The exhibit already pre-sold the third highest number of tickets ever for the museum.

“A vast majority of those are school kids and school groups coming to the museum on field trips to see the Magna Carta,” says Bartsch.

The Magna Carta and King John's writ will be on display through August.