The federal government has rescinded its approval for a company's plan to sell powdered alcohol.

Just add a little water - there you have it, a shot of vodka.  A lot of people see danger in what is being called Palcohol, powdered alcohol.  Mothers Against Drunk Driving Houston affiliate director John McNamee calls this just another one in a long list of alcohol fads.  He says the question is simple:

“Would this product be attractive to youth,” he asks.  “So, MADD is encouraging parents to talk with their teens about the dangers of underage drinking.”

VIDEO: What really happened to "Palcohol"

The product’s makers say you could sprinkle the stuff on your eggs in the morning to give them a little more punch to start your day.  For an immediate rush, it could be snorted.  Those selling points are actually setting off alarms at MADD.  In a way, it’s not really anything new, they say.

“This is just another in a long list of alcohol fads,” McNamee explains.  “We have seen vaporized alcohol, whipped cream alcohol, caffeinated alcohol.”

In a late development, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau says the approval was issued in error, and the makers of "Palcohol" will have to re-submit their labels.