The Texas Lottery Commission on Wednesday will consider allowing bingo halls to use electronic devices similar to slot machines called “video confirmation” for pull-tag tickets.

Opponents call it the first step toward legalized gambling in Texas.

“A pull-tag ticket in the bingo industry is a lot like scratch off tickets in the lottery industry, and there has been an attempt, several different versions to introduce an electronic form of that, but four different legislatures have reject it,” says Rob Kohler, a consultant with the Christian Life Commission of the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

“The commission getting that close to the line where there's really a difference without a distinction, we just think its an issue for the Legislature,” Kohler tells KTRH News.

The Lottery Commission says it agrees, stating “the proposed rules prohibit machines that display spinning or rolling wheels, dice or the play of casino-style games.”

However, the commission insists the proposed rules would not approve casino-style gambling.

Four Corners Inc. is the parent company of K&B Supplies which is pushing for “video confirmation” along with the VFW of Texas.  CEO Knowles Cornwell believes the machines will draw more people to bingo halls, generating more money for Texas charities.

“If we could get an additional $3 for every card minder that's played out there per session, it would raise approximately $36 million for charities in Texas, if these rules are adopted,” Cornwell said in a video statement.

“One of the main things the new rules would do is let a player have a players' account so he could put a dollar amount on the card minder and select which cards he wishes to play, not what is predetermined,” said Cornwell.