UPDATED:  2:25PM The lockdown has been lifted after police clear the scene in the parking lot.  One person remains in custody.



Customers were placed on lock down in a Walmart as a bomb squad investigated a threat in the store's parking lot.



Kemah Police were called around 9am to the store on FM 518 and Highway 146.  A suspicious man was seen wearing a mask and holding a knife in a car. 



Officers found the vehicle unoccupied, but arrested the man when he returned.   Police say several unknown devices were found in his pockets and attached to him.



Employees and customers have been kept in the interior of the store, away from windows. 



Customers inside the Walmart tell our TV partner Local-2 that workers have been doing what they can to keep people comfortable passing out water and bringing out games for the children.  Shoppers also found chairs in the store so older customers can sit.