A Waller County woman turns to social media to find the person who killed her dog.  Tara Dahnke is an animal trainer and has horses, cats and dogs on her property.  Last week she found one of her dogs, “Bodie” had been shot.  She turned her anger into a story that she posted on Facebook.

She also posted the story on the crowd funding site gofundme.com and within a week received donations from friends and neighbors as well as people all over the country who wanted to help with rewards to try and catch Bodie’s killer. Crime Stoppers also donated $500 to help find the killer.  In less than a week Tara said she got over $4,500 in donations put towards that reward.

Dahnke told our t-v partner Local 2 since she has other animals on the property “If nothing else it will deter them from doing it again, and hopefully they’re shaking in their boots.” 

The Waller County Sheriff’s department says they are investigating the dog shooting but have no leads at this time.  They are hoping the reward and social media posting will help.