Among the nastiest and most competitive races on this Saturday's slate of local elections is the battle for a seat on the Magnolia ISD school board.  Incumbent Trustee Kristi Baker is facing a challenge from Ginger Russell, who has been very active in fighting controversial curriculums like Common Core and CSCOPE in Texas public schools.  In recent weeks, Russell has come under attack on social media after she sent out a tweet mocking the slogan of a local high school while responding to its principal.  Opponents have also blasted a past tweet from Russell, which depicted a different high school principal with a Hitler mustache.

WATCH: Local Politician Seen Stealing Campaign Signs

Ginger Russell joined the Matt Patrick Show on KPRC AM 950 this week to discuss the heated race.  She told Matt the tweets were meant to be humorous, and she is stunned by all of the negative reaction.  But beyond social media anger, she is more surprised that her opponents are even using students to attack her.  "It saddens me that they brought the children into it for political gain," said Russell.  "It's been intimidating, some of the things that have happened, and even outside of the campus because I'm now known at the high school, I've got signs on my car."  She said the students are getting riled up by being told that she is attacking teachers they like, which isn't true.  "They're attacking me on social media, having the children attack me, and they're at school doing this--why aren't they doing their school work?"

PODCAST: Matt Patrick and Ginger Russell (Jump to 13:00 minutes in...)

Kristi Baker and other district officials had initially agreed to join Matt's show to discuss the race, but later declined to appear.  Russell didn't back down in her strong rhetoric on the current state of the Magnolia ISD.  "Our school district is failing," she told Matt.  "We're in the 30th percentile.  They keep promoting that 99% of our kids pass the Algebra II test, but they don't say they had to make a 38 on the test to pass...they have just lowered the standards so far down...our kids are failing."