After this week’s shooting at a New Jersey mall and the attack at a mall in Nairobi earlier this year, many of you are wondering if the malls around Houston are going to have enhanced security in time for the holiday shopping season.

Memorial City Mall officials tell KTRH that they are constantly reviewing and updating their security plans, but Jeff Addicott of the Center for Terrorism Law at St. Mary's University says that's not good enough for him.

“We haven’t beefed up security at malls. Unfortunately we react to things. We’re not proactive. I have a lot of concern. I have a permit. I carry my weapon when I go into the mall underneath my shirt,” Addicott told KTRH.

Addicott says even if it's one person with a gun, it is still terrorism.

“We don’t have a universal definition. But if you’re using violence against civilians to incite fear then you are a terrorist,” Addicott said.

And malls are bracing for less shoppers to come through the doors this holiday season. Shopping analyst Jodi Furman tells KTRH there's a reason for that.

“I’ve seen an increase in security at airports. We see it in many other places. The one place we haven’t seen it is at malls,” Furman explained. “There are huge security concerns. People would rather sit in the security of their own homes than venture out to the mall.”

KTRH contacted officials with the Galleria Mall. They declined comment.