A Washington, D.C., attorney, who represents business interests on Capitol Hill, says the collapse of the U.S. Postal Service could cost millions of people their jobs. 

Art Sackler says the post office needs to find new ways to stop the financial bleeding – like the deal just signed with Amazon for Sunday delivery of its products.

“One of the keys to ending its financial problems is to innovate and develop more business,” Sackler says.  “This is clearly a win-win deal.”

Sackler says the post office really needs help from Congress, but things aren’t moving very quickly in that direction.  He says failure of the USPS will be devastating.

“If they fold up shop, in addition to disrupting the economy, it would be an absolute killer,” he says, “and I fear hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of jobs would be lost.”

He says the post office may need to be rescued.

“It’s a difficult situation where the Postal Service really needs Congress’ help, but not enough progress is being made in that direction.”