New car dealers all over Houston have the very same problem – plenty of buyers, but not enough cars to sell. 

KTRH Car Pro Jerry Reynolds says you can trace the problem back to the crash of 2008.  Big automakers like GM and Ford were staring at the possibility of bankruptcy, so they cut way back on production.

Reynolds says, “It's all changed now.  We are in a situation now where demand is greater than supply.  That's not exactly good for the consumer because that means higher prices.”

He says if you’re just determined to buy a new vehicle, you’re not totally out of luck.  There are plenty of pickups.

“In our market in Houston, they ship trucks here like crazy,” he says.  “There's still plenty of those left, if you're looking for a deal.”

Reynolds says buyers who wait until December to take home a 2013 model for a better price could be disappointed.  They may not be able to find any 2013s then.