Where you live in the state of Texas can affect how long you will live.

According to some new numbers, men who live in big cities like Houston will live a year longer than men in rural Texas. The difference for women is seven months.

Don McBeath of the Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals told KTRH it’s all about the kind of medical care that is available in big citers as opposed to small towns.

“We know that people in rural Texas are poorer than urban residents. We know access to quality healthcare is limited,” McBeath said.

McBeath said people who live in rural counties just won’t go out of the way to take make sure there is nothing wrong with them physically.

“It’s harder for a person to find primary care. If they have to travel 100 miles they may put off going to the doctor,” McBeath said.

The numbers we see today are different than they were thirty years ago, when there was virtually no difference in the life expectancy of someone living in a city like Houston and someone living in a rural area of the state.