A south Houston homeowner is getting a lot of attention for “decorating” a Liberty Tree in his front yard.

From top to root, the 20-foot oak is covered with slogans, bemoaning some of the ironies of modern day life.  “Big Brother” is at the top of the three. Andy Haidinyak says the signs will stay up until what he hopes will be a big gathering on Halloween.

“We decided to do something fun for Halloween,” Haidinyak says.  “It's kind of like we had some foundation problems with the tree and it was coming out anyway, so we're like we might use it for something instead of just cutting it down.”

The liberty tree stands in front of the home near NASA and Ellington Field,  provoking a little thought while it draws a crowd.

With all the philosophical takes, what’s his favorite?  The sign at the bottom.

“It says, ‘The Liberty Tree.  This will never happen?  History does not repeat?  What was World War II / The Holocaust?  When they come for you, and they will, what will you do?  This is my Alamo, come and take it.’

Haidinyak is hoping more than 500 people show up on Halloween to share his creation.