If you want your workers to be more productive, let 'em goof off a bit. A new study says taking a break from work is refreshing.                                               

Kathryn Minshew of muse.com told FOX social media is a good break.

"You wanna limit yourself to about five minutes so you don't go down the rabbit hole. But just taking a little break and doing some Facebook or Twitter can get you back in a creative frame of mind."

Houston labor consultant Garrison Wynn agrees with that and he says employers should make workers feel they're important.

"So making someone feel valuable by letting them do what they wanna do and have the option to do what they wanna do 'hey listen if it's not going your way today stop, take a break, do something else and come back to it' that's huge."

Wynn says workers that feel important are better workers.

"Making people feel valuable definitely improves productivity; they make fewer mistakes and do a better job."