With a law banning undetectable firearms about to expire, federal agents are focusing attention on the 3D printed guns first developed here in Texas.

Legislation being considered in the House and Senate would ensure major components of a firearm had to be metal, not just a tiny piece.

Terrorism expert Jeff Addicott at St. Mary's University in San Antonio says that's a loophole lawmakers are trying to close.

“You can take the metal part off of some of these plastic guns to comply with the  law, but then you can still use it as a gun,” says Dr. Addicott.

If the current law were allowed to expire, Addicott says TSA certainly would have their hands full.

“You can get approved for the fast track, which isn't hard to do, and you can zip right through,” he says.  “You don't go through a scanner, you go through a metal detector, and you don't have to take your shoes off anymore.”

Still, Addicott says laws alone don't stop criminals, and that's why he believes the focus should be on the people before they get to an airport, federal building or sporting event.