A pair of Texas lawmakers are once again trying to get a law passed that would ban texting while driving in the state. But while many think it’s the right thing to do, some are doubtful it will actually get done.

There are bills proposed in the Texas House and Senate that would fine repeat offenders $200. Political consultant Bill Miller says he still doesn't think it'll pass.

“It’s not a priority. The government intrusion argument will carry the day,” Miller said.

But State Representative Tom Craddick, a sponsor of one of the bills, says things are different than when he first proposed it in 2009.

“Only nine states had passed it at that point,” Craddick told KTRH. “Today 44 states have passed it.” And forty cities across Texas put it into effect on their own.”

So how can you legislate common sense?

“It’s our right to have safe roads. DPS is for it TXDOT is for it. They all say we need it,” Craddick explained. 

Craddick also told KTRH News he's had lawmakers who voted against earlier versions of the bill tell him they'll vote for it this time.