The Houston Police Department Traffic Enforcement Division has everything ready and in place for the 4th of July revelers.  They will be deploying extra officers to high-risk areas around the city during the times alcohol-related incidents most frequently occur. 

Texas Parks and Wildlife and other agencies will also be enforcing BWI laws on area waterways.

“DWI and BWI both have the exact same punishment, which is up to 6 months in jail, two years probation and up to a $2,000 fine,” Warren Diepraam from the Ft. Bend and Montgomery County’s D.A.’s office tells KTRH News.

The No-Refusal program with mandatory blood draws is 24/7, and it applies to DWI and BWI.  Diepraam says in addition to boats, jet skis and water skis are considered watercraft under Texas law and therefore individuals can be cited if intoxicated.

Last year HPD reported nine fatal traffic accidents, four of which were alcohol related.  Traffic fatalities increase during the summer months, with the period May to August being labeled the 100 deadliest days of the year by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.