On Monday, Texans head coach Gary Kubiak delivered the news many Houston fans likely expected, but did not want to hear--that Matt Schaub is still the team's starting quarterback.  However, Kubiak stopped short of unconditionally declaring Schaub the starter for this Sunday's game against St. Louis at Reliant Stadium.  At his weekly news conference, Kubiak noted that he is "in the evaluation process" for every position on the team, including quarterback.  And that evaluation includes the head coach.  "Something goes wrong, you look at yourself," said Kubiak, who is also the team's play-caller.  "That's just the way I'm built, I've been that way my whole career."

Kubiak's play-calling or other players' struggles aside, the vast majority of the media session was devoted to Schaub, the 10th-year pro who is going through perhaps the worst stretch of his career.  Schaub's three interceptions in Sunday's loss at San Francisco give him nine in just five games this season, including an NFL-record four consecutive games with an interception returned for a touchdown.  Kubiak is still standing by his quarterback.  "You want to be a part of helping him work his way through that, and the only way I know how to do that is you play your way through that stuff," said Kubiak.  "That's what I'm trying to help him with and figure out a way to push him through it, so our football team can push through it."

Beyond fixing Schaub's decision-making on the field is dealing with the deluge of criticism directed at both the quarterback and head coach as Schaub's struggles have mounted in recent weeks.  Fans at Reliant loudly booed Schaub following his game-tying interception for a touchdown in last week's loss to Seattle, and some were even seen burning his jersey in the parking lot afterward.  Asked if the potential crowd reaction would be a factor in his decision to play Schaub this Sunday, Kubiak flatly said no.  "I don't get concerned about reactions and those type of things, that's just part of this business, the highs and the lows."  Kubiak also rejected criticism that Schaub is getting more leeway than other players or other positions on the team would.  "I can promise you there's accountability," he said.  "If I think on our football team something needs to be done, I'll do it...but I'm also very committed to players and the job they do and the work they put in...so I take it all into account."

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