KTRH listeners have offered an overwhelming response to a Houston Marine whose car was vandalized last weekend.  KTRH’s Matt Patrick went on the air asking for help for Hector Cortez when he heard about the obscenities painted on the veteran’s car.

It was more than the Houston man expected.  “No, the only thing I honestly even asked for was to see if somebody had any left-over house paint or something, to put over these markings, this writing, this graffiti on the side of my vehicle,” Cortez explains. 

Cortez says normally he’s the one offering help.  He says he has been overwhelmed by the response of KTRH listeners.

“I never had so many people offer help to me, a complete stranger.  And, it's moving, it really is moving,” he says.

Cortez served two tours of duty in Iraq.  He lives on a military disability payment.  He says he’s pretty sure it wasn’t random – and he was the one targeted.

“If you wanted to do graffiti, you had a line of about nine vehicles, bumper-to-bumper.  Why would you just pick out just one vehicle,” he explains.

Click here for video courtesy of KTRH television partner KPRC Local 2.