Airfare is highest at the times families are most inclined to be traveling, like holidays and summer.  This summer it appears fliers aren’t suffering as much as they could.

“We’ve looked at Fourth of July airfares, which are a good indication of the rest of the month, and they’re only up year to year; 4%, just a small percentage higher than last year,” according to Travelocity Senior Editor Courtney Scott.

However, Scott says to get real savings, wait till the kids get back to school.  Scotts tells KTRH that the “magic period,” when prices drop significantly but the weather is still enjoyable is late August and through September. 

“September is a very slow travel month,” travel expert Tom Parsons told KTRH, “Especially when it comes to U.S. travel to tourist destinations like Mexico, the Caribbean and Hawaii.”

For long-distance domestic flights from Houston, such as a major hub on either coast, expect to see the cost of flights go down after August 29th.  Mid-haul flights, about 1,250 miles or less, should start declining after September 3rd.  Short-haul flights, the “puddle-jumpers”, aren’t much affected by season.

Some of the best savings in airfare is travel to Europe, though very city-specific.  Prices start dropping in late August, and the best fares are in November.