A recent study found that average six years olds know more about technology than average 45 year olds.

A look at high school seniors today:

  • 87% text several times every day
  • 87% are on Facebook and most check their page as least daily
  • 51% use Instagram at least once a day
  • 87% go on You Tube several times a week
  • 45% do not use Twitter
  • 65% use Snapchat, 46% daily

This devotion to technology limits teens face to face interactions with other people, and as a result, their social skills are sliding.

Psychologist Julie Nise says you have to fine-tuned social skills to be successful in life, and electronics are reducing opportunities for kids to develop essential mechanisms to exist in this world.

“Your connection to people is the most important thing you do in life, and that’s not going to be done at a distance or electronically,” Nise tells KTRH News.

What kids are losing is the ability to effectively read faces, body language and tone of voice.

“You have to have social skills that are pretty finely tuned to be successful in this world, and all this electronic junk is taking that skill to a really low level,” says Nise.