If your kids play any kind of youth sports, a new study shows that many of them expect to get hurt. And many of those that are injured try to hide it.

The I-9 Sports study says 50% of all kids will try to hide an injury in order to keep playing. The reason why? Well, 42% said they were made fun of for sitting out with an injury, some by their own parents. Therapist Mary Jo Rapini says that's unacceptable.

“That’s just incredible that parents would actually abuse their child because that child will not perform for them,” Rapini told KTRH.

Rapini tries to explain why parents would allow kids to play hurt.

“Their egos are involved. They’ll overlook their child being hurt in order for their child to shine so that it would be a reflection on them,” Rapini said.

Katy area youth coach Alan Litvak says it's all about parents wanting to live their lives vicariously through their kids.

“In this culture, the win at all cost culture, parents want their fifteen minutes of fame through their kids,” Litvak said.

Litvak says parents are looking to take advantage of any athletic talent their kids might have.

“When they see that glimmer they tend to put too much pressure on the kids,” Litvak stated.

That culture led Litvak to make a decision about his free time.

“That’s one of the reasons I am done temporarily coaching,” Litvak said.

One more number from the study; 34% of all kids said their coaches priorities were winning over safe play.