Call it "failure to launch" or blame it on a bad economy. A new poll finds most American parents are financially supporting their college age kids.

Financial planner Jack Swanda says that's a bad idea.

"Often times we see clients who are drawing upon their retirement resources to help their kids in which case we say 'whoa, wait a minute, think about what you're doing now.'"

Swanda is a proud father of college age children and he says if you think you're helping your kids, you're not.

"The last thing you want to do is enable your child, especially a 20-year-old; a 20-something because they're just gonna become a burden on the next people when you're gone."

Swanda says allowing the kids to sit around and play Xbox all day isn't helping them or you. He says kick 'em out of the nest.

"One of the toughest conversations we have to have with a client is when we have to remind them of what tough love is all about because it does come to some point where you're going to have to wean the child off the parents' dole."