A Houston doctor says some new study results suggest taking long naps might impact your health, negatively.  UT Health Science Center family practitioner Dr. Deepa Vasudevan says she thinks power naps can be good, but the results of the British study show this is something which needs to be looked at more closely.

She says she wouldn’t tell her patients not to take a nap.

“An occasional power nap here and there is pretty good,” Dr. Vasudevan says, “but there's no solid recommendation that you should take a long nap, or you should not take a nap during the day.  I wouldn't do that.”

The study was a big one, with 17-thousand patients taking part.  That gives it more credence.  Those who napped more than an hour did seem to die sooner.

If you’re napping a lot, you might check it out.

“You come to a certain time of the day and you've eaten a meal, and you feel really sleepy, or you're extremely sleepy,” she says, “I think you should go to your physician and have it evaluated.”