Some kids at Katy ISD are recovering after getting sick after eating a school lunch on Thursday.

More than 50 kids in three elementary schools, Wolman, Morton ranch and Kilpatrick, apparently were served Mexican rice that had turned out to be recalled.


"Hopefully I think they'll investigate that and make sure that doesn't happen anymore. Thank God my kids are fine," one concerned parent told our television partner Local 2.


Another parent said, "It's alarming. You don't want your children being sick from food served in the school."


After eating the lunch, some kids at the schools reported of having itching, rashes and difficulty breathing. The good news is that none of the kids required outside medical treatment.


Now here's where the finger pointing comes in. Katy ISD, in a statement said that they were not informed of the recall.


"(The) Nutrition and Food Services Department was not directly informed of the recall by the Uncle Ben’s Rice manufacturer. The Department learned about the January 2014 recall issued by the company through an internet search. We are currently investigating as to why the District was not informed of the recall by the Uncle Ben’s manufacturer," the statement said.


But reports say Labatt Foodservice, which distributed the rice to the school, say that their records show they informed all of their customers about the problem.


Katy ISD says they will investigate to see exactly what happened.