Tuesday marks the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing.  

Katy resident Rebekah Gregory was there standing not far from the finish line.

The 26-year-old, her five year old son Noah and then boyfriend Pete DiMartino were there to cheer on Pete's mom, standing just a few feet from where a backpack sat and their lives changed in an instant.

Rebekah's lower left leg was ripped to shreds, her left hand crushed, Pete's Achilles tendon torn, Noah hit by shrapnel. 

Rebekah required the most hospitalization of all the patients from the Boston bombing. 

It has been a year of 16 surgeries, an average of more than one a month; she has more than a million dollars in medical bills - while her insurance has been cancelled seven times. 

Last fall she was hoping to walk soon.

"And the doctors have just said hold tight and see what happens," Ellen said at the time.

Now, Rebekah faces the probability that that left leg is not going to recover and will be amputated this summer. 

Through it all Rebekah has developed a legion of fans attracted to her Facebook page by an unrelenting positive attitude about everything, even the bombing, even the pain.

Last October, Pete went down on one knee.

"I said you're my best friend and I love you," said DiMartino.

And Rebekah and Pete DiMartino were married just eleven days ago with Noah by their side surrounded by family, and then came a honeymoon in the Caribbean.