Six Army officers already have been dismissed as potential jurors on the first day of jury selection in the Fort Hood murder trial against Major Nidal Hasan.

Legal experts expect the process will take weeks.

“Its different from a civilian court where you start with a pool of potential jurors and you select a jury,” says former JAG lawyer Geoffrey Corn from South Texas College of Law.  “This jury has already been selected, and now we go through the process of deciding who is not qualified to serve.”

Each side also gets to challenge whether a potential juror stays or not.  Opening statements are not expected until mid-august.

Meanwhile, there appears to be no more foreseeable delays now that Hasan has told the judge he rejected Ramsey Clark's offer to represent him.

“I think the judge would have said no to a delay anyway, and I think Ramsey Clark knew that, which probably was part of the discussion they had,” Corn tells KTRH News.

Hasan did ask to tell potential jurors he is being forced to wear a military uniform which represents -quote- "an enemy of Islam."

“I don't think she'll let him do that in the trial phase because it is not relevant,” says Corn.  “If he's found guilty, he gets to make a statement to the jury during sentencing, and he can say whatever he wants.”