The Astros are struck another blow after a judge denies the team's request to halt Comcast SportsNet Houston's bankruptcy proceeding while it's appeal is heard.

Despite this latest setback, Astros' general counsel Giles Kibbe says the team won't give up it's appeal, adding the city and fans deserve a better television contract to help build a better team.

“The risk for the Astros is if we're not successful here, we're going to be a medium-income team for the next 20 years,” he tells KTRH News.

Kibbe says the Astros are determined to reach a new deal by Opening Day.

“FOX is still a possibility out there, but with things tied up in bankruptcy court, it makes it really difficult to do that,” he says.

Kibbe says not only do the Astros want what is owed by CSN for last season, but the team wants a better deal on top of it.

“The Rockets' media rights fees that Comcast pays them ranks them in the top four of the NBA, and the Astros' media rights fees that Comcast pays us ranks us about 14th in the MLB,” says Kibbe.

That's millions of dollars the team is missing out on to help pay for players.