Recent studies suggest there may be something to the idea changes in weather can make your joints ache.  For decades, people have been convinced their aches and pains are foretelling weather events. 

Dr. Grant Fowler is Vice Chair of the Department of Family Medicine at U.T. Health Science Center.

“Recent studies are kind of implying that what our patients have been telling us all along, there may be some truth and wisdom to it,” he says, “that predicting weather changes, that your joints can sense it.”

Fowler says a major responsibility in family medicine is listening to the patient.  Maybe they've been right all along.  And, it’s unusual if the elderly, whose sense seem to be fading in some cases, are found to be more sensitive in areas like this.

“It's been found that it's normal to lose certain perceptions,” he says, “but it's curious that those are the people whose joints are telling us what it's doing.”