Unemployment in Texas is 6.5% and the national unemployment rate is 7.6%.  There are still people unemployed, underemployed, or looking to make a career change, and yet 35% of hiring managers have positions available that they haven’t been able to fill for months.

CareerBuilders.com compiled figures on which jobs are the hardest to fill and are in need of workers now.

  • Sales Representative
  • Machine Operator/Assembler/Production Worker
  • Nurse
  • Truck Driver
  • Software Developer
  • Engineer
  • Marketing Professional
  • Accountant 
  • Mechanic
  • IT Manager/Network Administrator

“I think in this economy you’re finding that more and more of the technical areas are seeing a skills gap,” Senior Career Advisor Michael Erwin told KTRH.  “What that means is that there are a lot of positions that are open, employers are having trouble finding them, and with a little more education or getting a certification you could be placed in a job right away.”

41% of employers say they recruit year round to keep candidates in the pipeline in the event a position opens up and they need to fill it quickly.

“What I tell job-seekers is that if they find companies that they want to work for, you need to make sure that you join their talent network, that your resume is always on file with them because as positions open they go right to that pipeline,” Erwin told KTRH.