If your doctor seems rude, he just might be. A new study claims doctors coming out of medical school are less compassionate than the Marcus Welby types of the past.

KTRH medical expert Dr. Joe Galati says don't underestimate the importance of good bedside manner.

"Patients expect the physician to sit down, hold their hand, look them in the eye and really get a sincere understanding of what's wrong with them. And all studies across the board for years have shown that this is the best way to good patient care."

Like the nerds on the TV show 'The Big Bang Theory' Dr. Galati says being a good scientist doesn't guarantee good social skills or compassion.

"A lot of this really is organic; how are you wired? Are you a friendly person? Are you compassionate? Being good in science or being an excellent student does not automatically translate to being a compassionate caregiver."