It's national "Dump the Pump Day." Green activists around the country are asking us to car pool, take mass transit and do other things to minimize our "carbon foot print." But energy experts in Houston warn don't bite the hand that feeds you.                

Shelley Whitworth of says they are making progress in getting Houstonians to share rides.

"It's one of the larger van pool programs in the country here in Houston."

But Whitworth says she agrees with energy industry attorney J Wayne Ballew who says he sees more construction in Houston because of fossil fuels.

"There's more (construction) cranes than I've seen in all my now eleven years in Houston and all of that I'd say is fueled by the oil and gas industry here."

In L.A. the focus is on being green, but in Houston the focus of Dump the Pump day is easing traffic congestion.

I'm still hearing people complain they can't believe school is out because they're still running into bottlenecks and traffic congestion," Whitworth said.