Wherever you go, flu germs are just sitting there, ready to jump on you.

When you get the flu, it's right to blame the person sitting next to you for passing on those germs, but it's your fault, too.  One expert on the spread of infectious disease says we can make ourselves sick by simply touching our face.

“That's where most infection arrives,” says Freshloc CEO Rik Heller.  “We rub our eyes, we put something in our mouth, we touch something we put in our mouth or ears.  These are mucus membranes, these are fairly sensitive and are not as impervious as our skin to infection.”

Heller says when you handle that five-dollar bill, you're sharing the bacteria left behind by the last 100 people who held that bill.  It’s the same story when you go to the bank.

“You go to an ATM, you think you're all alone, but you're with the last 100 people,” he says.  “Depending on what your numbers are, what their numbers are, whatever number you push, that whole entire thing is kind of a form of Russian roulette.”

Germ “hot spots” include your desk at work, the refrigerator in the break room – even the hand dryer in your office restroom.