As a kid you were probably told that if you wanted to succeed in life you had to go to, and graduate from, college. But is that still the case today? Some new numbers will make you reconsider that.

College enrollment was down two percent in the 2012-2013 school year. It's first significant decline since the 1990's. And that number could go up as traditional four year colleges get hit by the trend that has started in community colleges. But David Gardner at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board isn't worried, even though community college enrollment in Texas has been affected.

“It’s a positive reflection of our economy. We think that reflects the fact that there are fewer students returning to upgrade their skills,” Gardner said.

But some of you, especially if you are paying for your child’s college education, may question whether you're getting your money's worth. That’s because your kids may not get a job in the field they get their degree in. Gardner says you shouldn't worry about that.

“Students get their money’s worth if they put in the time to truly benefit from their courses. They need to make the right course selection,” Gardner explained.

Gardner also told KTRH schools understand what the job market is like today for kids graduating college.

“We make sure majors are directly related to the jobs. We also help students market themselves if the major is not related to the field they go into, Gardner said.”

Gardner says another thing helping is that college doesn't cost as much in Texas.

“Our debt levels are much lower,” Gardner stated.