Critics say the NFL has gone too far in protecting players and the game has gone soft at the pro level. But what can Houston fans do?

Houston sports attorney and TSU Professor Walter Champion says the NFL has fans over a barrel.

"They have a monopoly so strong; it's more of a league for corporations than for fans, actually."

Professor Champion says Houston fans in particular have little choice.

"What option do we have? We can't watch the Astros. There's nothing we can do. We're gonna watch but we're but we're gonna be disappointed because (of the loss of) the good, hard hits -- that's what we enjoyed at one time."

Professor Champion agrees many of the new rules have sissified the NFL compared to when he was a kid, but the game isn't yet ruined.

"For example a guy was fined for putting his finger over his throat -- I mean, that's just a stupid fine. You should educate people rather than doing that."

The Cowboys' Dez Bryant was flagged and fined for that throat-slashing motion after scoring a touchdown last Sunday.