Some say the Internet -- and social media in particular -- is making us bad readers. They say after skimming words and looking for links on web pages we have a hard time reading a book.

Dr. Michael Beauchamp is a neuroscientist at Houston's UT Health Science Center.

"Your brain gets better at whatever it is that you practice. So if we practice reading 140-character Tweets and Internet headlines all day long that's what we're gonna be fastest and best at."

Dr. Beauchamp says reading is not genetic. It's all about practice.

"If you need long, complicated books you should definitely spend an hour a day doing that so you don't get rusty at those important skills."

But Dr. Beauchamp says this is probably nothing new. With TV and movies we've been superficial consumers of media for decades.

"Most Americans watch TV and movies and consume media in a lot of different ways -- probably not reading long, complicated novels. So I don't know if it represents a big change."